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  • Are your relationships troubled or non-existent?
  • Are you feeling stuck and unable to risk loving again?
  • Are you longing to experience a deep, soulful, committed partnership?

Welcome!  My name is Janet and I’m a Love and Relationship expert with a passion and a gift for helping men and women fulfill on their highest potential for Love and Partnership.


Finding Our Way in Life

Lack of DirectionWhen a client comes to me complaining of a lack of direction in their life, the first place I look is to find out what they are trying NOT to feel.

I believe the most reliable source of information we have, about our life and the direction of our lives towards our highest good, comes through our bodies – in the form of our feelings. For most of us, and I’m guessing 90% of the population, we have learned to NOT feel our feelings. (or at best to ignore or discount them)

The reason for this is when we were little there were a lot of things happening around us (and to us) that were too painful for us to handle. Our parents usually weren’t much help because they often didn’t know how to deal with their own feelings and sometimes they were actually the cause of our painful feelings. Even the most nurturing parents couldn’t be there for us 100% of the time.   [Read more…]

Forgiving ourselves first (laying the groundwork for self acceptance)

In my experience, the absolute foundation for learning to love ourselves is forgiveness. We are human, therefore, we have all behaved in ways that we deeply regret and most of us have been treated in ways that have left us feeling deeply shamed. We all have aspects of ourselves that we feel are unacceptable and many of us have ongoing behaviours that we deem to be bad. This is especially true if you are struggling with your weight; dealing with addictive behaviours or experiencing difficult emotions such as rejection, anger, grief or jealousy.

Most people think of forgiveness only in the context of forgiving others. We believe that by forgiving others we are actually condoning their bad behaviour and letting them off the hook for the real harm they have done to us. Real forgiveness however, has little or nothing to do with the other person. It is something we do solely to bring freedom and peace to our own heart.   [Read more…]